A different view on the Gaming Industry

gaming overview

Let’s view on gaming industry from the other angle as a place of dream, passion, and opportunities

Everyone wants to take it easy when they are working. Sometimes, people even start fantasizing about a workplace where they can do whatever they want.  However, have you ever thought about a workplace where you don’t have to follow that stereotype 9-5 schedule? What if you get paid handsomely just for playing games for 12-14 hours every day?

You think it’s a joke or some fantasy. No, it is the reality you can really do these things.  A career in the gaming industry can make your dream into reality. The gaming industry is a reality now. The most amusing thing is that it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is not a joke or waste of time as people used to think about gaming.

If you are a game enthusiast, then pro–gaming is a career option for you. You can participate in national championships and can represent your country on different international platforms. It is not just your love for games, but also you need skills for this. Here is a brief description of career options available in the gaming industry. Take a look to get an idea of what you want to take on in the future, if you have an interest and determination for doing something with games. 

Professional gamers

It is hard to believe, but you can indeed make a living while playing video games. You have to devote a lot of time every day to practising and incredible talent. The salary of a pro gamer varies depending on the skill of the players. Professional gamers can earn by winning sponsored tournaments and also by getting personal sponsorships like professional athletes.

However, pro-gaming is a short career, and it is something saddening about this career. Many pro–gamers switch from game design, game art or programming and development after retiring from pro-gaming. You have to master your skills in one game if you want to become a professional gamer. It gives you clarity and an edge on which game you want to go for. After mastering the game, you can choose a game from different genres.

Game designer

If you are beaming with ideas for the video game, then game designing is the perfect career option for you. The game designer’s job requires professionals to come up with concepts for developing as video games. The designer has to develop characters and storylines. They eventually have to work with the creative team, developers and designers through the entire game production process to bring their ideas to life.

Other career options in the gaming industry

Other career options available in the gaming industry include –

  • Software developer and Game programmer
  • Fame Animator
  • Audio Engineer
  • Games Artist
  • Lead artist
  • Writers
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Game play tester

If you look at the career in the gaming industry from the perspective of rewards and salary, professionals with skills, educational qualifications and expertise have endless opportunities. On the other hand, tournaments and championships held internationally usually have high rewards and cash prize. Even if you are not good at the game, but have a passion for the game, you can choose among the above careers.