Get a Clear Picture of Australian Society and Business Culture

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A lot of people find Australia attractive, whether it is for further studies or business expansion. It is a multicultural society of people with European roots, a strong mix of indigenous groups and a diverse mix of immigrants.

You can see the effect of this diverse culture on the language of the country. A majority of the population in Australia speaks English and it is their first language. However, you can also come across a collection of languages like Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Greek and Arabic spoken in Australia.

When you plan on doing business with a company from another country or doing business in another country, you need to do some preparations. The preparation is not just about doing market research or studying the market trend in the country or such. It is also about getting to know the culture, etiquettes, and business practices. It is especially the case if you are planning on expanding your business in Australia.

Let’s talk about the business culture and working etiquettes of Australia. It will help you in navigating your way in the business world of Australia.

Business culture

The business culture includes relationship and communication, business meeting etiquette, negotiating and decision making. First of all, let’s talk about the relationship and communication within the business circle in Australia.

Relationship and communication

When it comes to business, Australians act purely matter of factly. They don’t believe in long-standing personal relationships for doing business with someone. At the same time, they are direct with the way they communicate. Often, you can detect an element of humour as self-depreciation in their speech. Sometimes Australians who like to use colourful language may find it unthinkable. 

Business meeting etiquette 

While planning a business meeting, you need to schedule an appointment. It is necessary, and it is relatively easy to schedule appointments for the meeting. You can schedule appointments with as much lead time as you need. Punctuality is the key in the business situation all around the world. 

You should make sure to arrive a few minutes earlier than scheduled instead of making the other party wait for you. Meetings are always a serious event, but sometimes you can relax a bit while meeting your Australian partner. Your Australian partner will tell you if they take exception to something you are saying. You should avoid making exaggerating claims, hypes or bells and whistles while making a presentation.

Instead of exaggerating, try presenting the facts and figures in your presentation. At the same time, remember there is no place for feelings and emotions in the Australian business climate.

Decision making and Negotiations 

When it comes to decision making and negotiating Australians –

  • Get down to work swiftly without having any small talk
  • Direct and they expect the same thing from the other party
  • Do not like too many details and appreciate brevity
  • Will expect a small margin in your initial proposal for negotiating
  • Don’t high pressured techniques
  • Make decisions slowly and in a protective way

Business dress code

Australians are very specific about their business attire. In Sydney and Melbourne, business attires are conservative. Men have to wear conservative business suits with dark colours. On the other hand, women need to wear a business suit or smartly dressed. In tropical areas such as Brisbane, men can go to work while wearing shirts, ties and Bermuda shorts.