Job Trends In Various Sectors In Australia


Where most of the service sectors came to a halt in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many sectors are now recovering in 2021. Skill-based jobs are in high demand in Australia if you are smart enough to apply them in the right sector.

The digital environment is on-rise right now and this is where a majority of the jobs are available in Australia. These in-demand jobs also come from social care industries and health care sectors. By simply following this trend, you can choose your field of higher education and learn skills accordingly to make a successful career.

Frontline hospital staff’s including doctors, nurses, technical staff, psychologists, and housekeepers are facing the maximum shortage as people require health care services more than ever.

You are also more likely to find a job if you have the digital skills to work remotely. In this pandemic hit economy, online jobs in all fields including education, tech, and retail industry have seen the maximum rise after the health industry.

Popular in-demand job categories in Australia

  1. Emergency service staff:
  2. Those responsible for providing life support and emergency medical services including doctors, nurses, and surgical technicians are in huge demand.
  3. As the pandemic hits in waves in different parts globally, the demand surge is experienced during peak times when a huge population requires medical care on an emergency basis.
  4. Mental health specialists:
  5. Everyone is forced to live indoors and many of us have even lost many loved ones due to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.
  6. Minimal human interaction especially when we grieve the loss has led to an increase in mental health diseases.
  7. This is why specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and behavioral analysts are in high demand.
  8. Medical frontline and support workers:
  9. Apart from doctors and nurses who are at the frontline of fighting covid-19, support staffs that look after the running of hospitals are also in demand.
  10. This sector includes healthcare managers, housekeeping staff, physiotherapists, rehabilitation staff, and elderly care specialists.
  11. Computer programmers:
  12. If you can make apps and be creative in developing various software, you are in high demand because the world is quickly turning digital.
  13. Social workers:
  14. Children welfare, elderly care, and other social workers who can care for the families of sick or deceased are in huge demand now.
  15. Content writers:
  16. With most business owners turning to online platforms, their website needs content to be visible on Google ranking.
  17. This is why everyone needs a content writer who can fill their websites with valuable content.
  18. E-commerce specialists:
  19. While offline retail stores have seen a setback, more requirements are for delivery specialists and e-commerce employees.
  20. SEO experts:
  21. With digital marketing at the forefront, SEO experts who cannot just take care of the technicalities of your website, but also work towards marketing your business are much needed.

With the changes that Covid-19 has brought to the way we normally work, most of the roles in any organization are being given to those who are well-versed with using digital platforms and those who can use their innovation to make remote work easier and more productive for the world.