Top Winter Care Tips for Your Loving Pets

kitty care

As we all know, from December to February the climate will be very cold. In fact, not only humans, even pets too feel cold during winter. Just like the way we take care of our skin, we have to take care of our pets too during winter. It is important to take care of our pet’s comfort and safety during winter. Otherwise, the health of your pet will be in danger. Cold weather can actually pose a serious threat to your pet. Hence, you have to be really careful about it.

Check your pet’s tolerance to cold weather. Keep your pets indoor as much as possible. Arrange a covered shelter for your pets outside. Place some towels or blankets in the shelter to keep your pet warm. Cold weather can worsen the symptoms of problems like arthritis in your pets. Pets with heart diseases and diabetes should also be kept inside home, as it would be difficult for them to regulate their body temperature during winter.

You must take your pets for health check-up at least a year, to ensure that they are safe. This will help you identify if your pets are suffering with any health issues. You could take your pets for health check-up during winter. In fact, winter is a good time for health check-up.

How to take care of your pets during winter?

  • Most of the pet’s sleep under your cars during winter to feel the warmth. Hence, it is very important to check under your car before starting your car engine. Otherwise, your pet’s life will be at danger.
  • There are stores online where you can find jackets and sweaters for your cats and dogs. Buy them for your pets to help them stay comfortable during winter, when you take them for a walk in the morning or evening. If you have rabbits and birds at your home then close their cage with a woollen shawl to make them feel warm. Ensure that you leave little space, to allow rabbits and birds to breathe comfortably.
  • Avoid shaving your pet’s fur during winter. The reason for this is fur insulates your pet’s body during winter.
  • Avoid taking your pet out immediately after giving bath. Let the fur of your dog or cat become dry before you take them out.
  • Cats and dogs drink more water during winter. If you leave the water in your dog’s or cat’s bowl for a long time, it might become too cold. Hence, it is important to change the water in the bowl frequently.
  • Let your pets move here and there in your home. This actually keeps them active and happy. Avoid restricting them to the corners inside your home.
  • If you observe your cat or dog dull and not eating any food, take him to a veterinarian immediately as this can be because of infection during winter.

While following the above tips, ensure that you give proper food to your pets. Take some suggestions from your veterinarians, to keep your pets healthy.