Tether Bolsters Bitcoin Holdings, Now Ranks 11th Among BTC Holders

tether usdt

In a strategic move to diversify the backing of its USDT stablecoin, Tether reportedly acquired an additional 8,888 Bitcoin (BTC) for $380 million in the fourth quarter of last year. The stablecoin issuer, which previously announced its intention to invest up to 15% of its profits into Bitcoin, now holds a total of 66,465 BTC, securing its position as the 11th-largest Bitcoin holder globally, according to Dune Analytics.

Tether’s decision to shift away from traditional assets like U.S. Treasury bonds, which previously backed its USDT stablecoin, reflects a broader trend in the industry. With a market capitalization exceeding $95 billion, USDT stands as the world’s largest stablecoin.

In its latest attestation report, Tether disclosed holdings of $72.6 billion in government bonds and $1.7 billion in Bitcoin, alongside other allocations. This move aligns with the company’s commitment to diversify its portfolio and underscores the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in the financial landscape.

Despite historical scrutiny regarding the quality of its assets, Tether’s custodian, Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick, recently provided reassurance, affirming the legitimacy of the company’s holdings. Tether’s proactive approach to adapting its reserves reflects the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and its ongoing efforts to maintain transparency and credibility.


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