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Powerful online backlinks and website uptimes monitoring SEO tools.

Linkascope is backlinks and website monitoring online tool. It was designed with the vision to help web admins and SEO agencies monitor their client's websites and analyze backlinks data to improve SERP performance. 

Key futures of LINKASCOPE Online service tools:

  1. Website uptime monitoring
  2. Internal broken backlinks monitoring
  3. Existing Backlinks profile monitoring
  4. Discover new backlinks
  5. Anchot text analitycs
  6. Backlinks suppliers control
  7. Analysis of referring domains 

With the help of Linkascope service, the webmaster can have several benefits to improve website performance. 

Backlinks monitoring

Linkascope will help to control valuable backlinks and ensure it stays alive 24/7. For example, when a backlink is lost, the system automatically will send a notification to the website administrator and backlink supplier. This way, both parties can immediately be alerted and restore the lost backlink. 

Website uptime monitoring

Linkascope will constantly keep an eye on website uptime performance. If any bad happens and the site goes down, the system will send an immediate alert to the webmaster informing them about it. With website monitoring, web administrators can ensure it gets the most of its performance and loses customers and revenue. 

Linkascope team has a clear vision that seeks to surpass assigned goals. They aim to build irreplaceable measuring and SEO researching tools that will help customers to enhance, expand and grow in SEO, online marketing, and online visibility.

The company aims to deliver on its credo to be Customer Oriented, Transparent, Openhanded and Responsible.

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