Medieval Empires: The Web3 Game That Lets You Conquer Land and Earn Cryptocurrency

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If you’re a fan of immersive multiplayer online strategy games, you won’t want to miss Medieval Empires. This elaborate game is set in the Levant region in the late 13th century and centers around the story of Ertuğrul Gazi, a brave tribal warrior and leader of the Kayi tribe.

You’ll have the chance to take on the role of this legendary character, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan, as he battles against the future King Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks or the Hammer of the Scots. With engaging gameplay and an intricate storyline, Medieval Empires offers a thrilling and action-packed gaming experience that’s not to be missed.

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Gameplay and Features of Medieval Empires

With engaging gameplay and an immersive storyline, players can join millions of others in building, exploring, and conquering land, fortune, and glory in a blockchain-powered historical world.

One of the standout features of Medieval Empires is that it’s being built on the Polygon blockchain, which offers several benefits for players. 

Moreover, all platforms are fully interoperable, making the game accessible on PC (Windows), MAC (OSX), and mobile (iOS and Android) with low gas fees, top-notch security, and lightning-fast speeds..

In Medieval Empires, players can take on the role of Ertuğrul Gazi, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan, as he faces off against the the future King Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks or the Hammer of the Scots. Longshanks is expanding a successful 9th Crusade across Europe to the Holy Land, making for a thrilling and action-packed gaming experience.

What truly distinguishes Medieval Empires is that it’s a web3 game to earn. Players can earn cryptocurrency and other benefits through special NFTs, which allow them to own land and access hidden destinations. Plus, with daily missions, general tasks, and story missions, there’s always something new and exciting to do.

As the game progresses, players can look forward to new leaders and regions to explore and conquer. In addition to the Longshanks Crusaders and Turkish Tribes, new factions, such as the Mongols, will be integrated into the game in the near future.

Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or simply looking for a new way to earn cryptocurrency, Medieval Empires is not to be missed. Join the millions of players already building, exploring, and conquering in this exciting web3 game.

Forge Your Own Path in Medieval Empires by Choosing Your Side

In Medieval Empires, players can choose their path to domination by selecting from several armies and tribes. Currently, the game offers three sides to choose from, with more expected to be added in the near future.

Kayi Tribe

turkic mee

As a nomadic tribe from the hills of Anatolia, the Kayi Tribe is known for its fearsome infantry and stealthy tactics. With their powerful weapon, the harquebus, they can lay waste to the Mongol cavalry and the Crusader knights alike. Led by the brave Ertugrul Ghazi and his loyal followers, the Kayi Tribe fights for its homeland and honor, never backing down or surrendering.

English Crusaders

english mee

The English Crusaders possess disciplined and well-armored knights, heavy cavalry, and a range of troops such as archers and crossbowmen. Under the leadership of Edward I, aka Edward Longshanks, the Crusaders seek to expand their empire to the Holy Land and beyond. With the advantage of superior weaponry and tactics, the Crusaders are a formidable opponent.

Mongol Hordes

mongol mee

The Mongol Hordes hail from mysterious lands and are the most feared army of their time. Their mounted archers are the backbone of their strength, and they use psychological warfare and the spread of plagues to terrorize and weaken their opponents. The Mongols seek only victory and conquest to achieve the glory they crave, using any means necessary to crush their enemies.

More Armies to Come

As Medieval Empires develops, the company plans to introduce new armies to the game, allowing players to choose new armies to engage in world-domination battles. With the game’s release, players can expect even more reinforcement forces to be added in the future, increasing the excitement and challenge of the game.

Medieval Empires: A Collaborative Effort of Talented Professionals

Medieval Empires is the brainchild of a team of talented and experienced business professionals who have brought their expertise and passion for gaming to the table. Leading the team is Engin Altan Düzyatan, a famous Turkish film and television actor who is best known for his role as Ertugrul in the historical adventure television series “Diriliş: Ertuğrul.”

In addition to Düzyatan, the Medieval Empires team consists of several talented professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They include:

  • Moritz Voss, Chief Technology Officer
  • Qing Guan, Lead Producer
  • Felix Hartung-Hespelt, Game Design Director
  • Assad Dar, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder
  • Jan Berkefeld, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joaquim Royo, Senior Visual Development Artist
  • Robert Amarandi, Graphic Designer
  • Luc Berkefeld, Marketing Manager
  • Vincent Coene, Global Head of Finance
  • Ali El Najjar, Senior Unity Developer
  • Hilal Goksu, Executive Assistant
  • M. Raza Hussain, Marketing and Content Lead
  • Pedro Lopes, Senior Concept Artist
  • Resham Rafiq, Digital Content Manager
  • Paul Teaha, 3D Artist
  • Yu-Ruei Wan, Senior Unity Developer

It’s worth noting that Medieval Empires has an incredible team of professionals developing the finest gaming experience. They also have notable advisors, including Scott McCarthy, the former CMO at Illuvium and Crypto Game Advisor; Oliver Kern, a Crypto Game Advisor and Commercial Officer at Lockwood Publishing Ltd; Josh Meier, the Managing Director of Andromeda Capital; Justin Edwards, the former COO of Decentraland Advisor; Hüseyin Yilmaz, a Professor of History with a PhD from Harvard University; and Ararat Arpaci, a Jewelry Designer.

Overall, Medieval Empires is the result of a collaborative effort of talented professionals who are passionate about bringing the best gaming experience to players. Their collective expertise and dedication promise to make Medieval Empires a game that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Medieval Empires’ MEE Token Flawless Tokenomics Design: A Strong Core Strength

mee Tokenomics

Medieval Empires’ tokenomics design is a core strength of the game. It has been intelligently woven with gameplay and community features, securing a consistent low barrier to entry.

The following are the key numbers to understand about Medieval Empires’ tokenomics design:

  • Token name: MEE
  • Initial market cap: $870,000
  • Fully diluted market cap: $27,000,000
  • Initial circulating supply: 2.9%
  • Seed/private round raised: $3,675,000
  • Total capital raising: $4,785,000
  • Public round raised (IDO): $1,100,000
  • Total token sale: 24%
  • Total token supply: 3,000,000,000
  • Seed round: 14% of total token supply
  • Private round: 7% of total token supply
  • Public round (IDO): 3% of total token supply
  • Public round (IEO): 1% of total token supply
  • Exchanges: 5% of total token supply
  • Play and Own: 20% of total token supply
  • Treasury (dev, Ops, Marketing, Airdrops): 29% of total token supply
  • Advisors: 5% of total token supply
  • Team: 15% of total token supply
  • Social Projects: 1% of total token supply

Medieval Empires has a comprehensive breakdown of its tokenomics structure on its website. Players can explore the full list and breakdown of tokenomics by visiting

MEE Token Price (as of February 20, 2023):

  • Current price: $0.01524
  • All-time high (ATH): $0.02500230
  • All-time low (ATL): $0.01017674

Change from ATH to current price:

  • Percentage decrease from ATH to current price: 39.4%

Change from ATL to current price:

  • Percentage increase from ATL to current price: 49.7%

Despite experiencing a decline in price from its all-time high, the Medieval Empires token has seen a significant increase from its all-time low. As of February 20, 2023, the token is trading at $0.01524, which is a 39.4% decrease from its ATH of $0.02500230. However, it has also experienced a 49.7% increase from its ATL of $0.01017674. These changes in price reflect the volatility of the crypto market, and investors should carefully consider their investment decisions based on their own research and risk tolerance.

Medieval Empires NFT Land for sale 

Mee land nft

Medieval Empires is not just a game, but a platform that aims to create a self-sustaining, decentralized economy, in which players have full control over their in-game assets. Land is one such asset that players can purchase, and it is an integral part of the game’s economy and gameplay.

The land within the game is divided into 6 tiers, with each tier offering distinctive features and resource generation capabilities. The plots of land in Tier 0 are reserved for onboarding new players, while the upper five tiers can be bought and sold. The prices of the plots will depend on the tier and location, with more valuable lands being located in the more advanced tiers.

Land ownership is an essential part of the game’s economy as it generates resources such as wood, stone, and iron that players can use to build and upgrade their cities. Moreover, players will be able to set up trade routes and exchange resources with each other, creating a thriving marketplace within the game.


The game uses NFTs to represent the ownership of land, which can be traded in NFT marketplaces using the Polygon network. With the ownership of land also comes the opportunity to upgrade it using in-game NFT structures. These structures can enhance the resource generation of the land, or offer other in-game benefits such as increased defenses or storage capacity.

By allowing players to own and trade land, Medieval Empires creates a new level of engagement and investment in the game’s ecosystem. Players can become virtual landlords, and the value of their holdings can increase or decrease depending on the market demand for the resources generated on their land.

In summary, land ownership in Medieval Empires is not just about buying a piece of virtual real estate, but it is an integral part of the game’s economy and a foundation for building a powerful Medieval Empire. Players can trade their land, upgrade it with in-game NFTs, and generate resources that can be used to fuel their expansion, trade with others, and establish their dominance in the game.

The final thought

All in all, Medieval Empires is a thrilling and immersive web3 game that merges history with gameplay, creating an exciting and decentralized gaming experience. The MEE token is an important part of the game’s economy, offering players and investors a unique opportunity to participate in this emerging space.

With its well-designed tokenomics, limited supply, and strong community, MEE has the potential to grow in value and become a valuable asset for long-term holders. Moreover, the game’s land ownership system, facilitated through NFTs, adds a new dimension to the game, allowing players to become virtual landlords and benefit from the resources generated on their land.

As the game continues to develop and evolve, there is no doubt that Medieval Empires and the MEE token will continue to be at the forefront of the blockchain gaming industry. So why not join the millions of players already enjoying the game and see what all the fuss is about?


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This article is based on public information and our research on Medieval Empires (MEE). The information provided is not financial advice and should not be taken as such. We are closely following the progress of the MEE project and may consider investing in MEE tokens in the near future. It is important to conduct your own research and consult a financial advisor before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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