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Exclusive Interview with Adam Leroix-Sainz – The Legendary Crypto OG and one of the Key Creators of the Ethereum Blockchain.


Neuroni Ai, the rising startup, has recently made waves with its NSB (Neuroni Sniper Bot) release, garnering substantial user support.

As a fresh addition to the decentralized web3 landscape, Neuroni Ai boasts a cutting-edge deep learning system that uniquely deciphers data. This most advanced artificial intelligence-powered natural language processing model can understand complex language, recognize the context of conversations and provide the most accurate responses.

Neuroni AI has introduced several innovative decentralized AI products, among which are a chatbot to which they have implemented on, Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp and Google Play Store, plus, an incredible GFX AI image-generating tool. With the momentum they’ve gathered, Neuroni Ai is thrilled to unveil even more AI-powered tools too their lineup.

But there’s more to this story. When we say more, we mean a whole lot more. We had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with the founder of Neuroni Ai, and the insights shared may shock you.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into Neuroni Ai and meet the technological genius behind this powerhouse, Mr. Adam Leroix-Sainz.

About Adam Leroix-Sainz: The Tech Genius Behind the Curtain

Hi Adam! It’s both a pleasure and a privilege to meet you. We are truly honored to sit down with a visionary from the blockchain and DeFi space. We are excited about our conversation and eager to learn more about you and your creation, Neuroni Ai.

Adam, could you start by sharing a bit about yourself for our readers?

Sure, Let’s Talk About Adam Leroix-Sainz:

I received my first Computer at the age of 10, starting programming it at the age of 13. It came naturally to me. I knew this would be my passion and way forward in life. My passion propelled me to receive a PhD at a young age.

Finding a foothold in the IT industry was a challenge initially, but my persistence paid off. Eventually, I fulfilled a lead developer role and pioneered various software and technological solutions for the automobile and aviation sectors.

At that time, I poured my focus into designing operating systems for cars and planes, delivering solutions to industry-leading corporations. Many might be unaware, my development in the automobile sector was pivotal, I developed numerous features that car users depend on, most likely, you interact with many of these innovations daily. These solutions are still in the majority of Vehicle’s and Aviation equipment today.

During an exciting period of my development career, I had the privilege of collaborating with a team of ambitious young developers who shared a common vision. Some of us were involved in the creation of the Ethereum blockchain. Working closely with esteemed individuals from the Ethereum Foundation and a group of exceptionally skilled blockchain developers, we played a vital role in its development. This experience was undoubtedly the highlight of my professional journey, representing the epitome of blockchain technology’s potential.

You see, Ethereum wasn’t just another blockchain, it was groundbreaking with its introduction of smart contracts. We knew that we had to give “Opportunity” to the blockchain, it needed to be able to provide a platform for other developers. I’m so very proud of the work, its revolutionized Cryptocurrency and blockchain as we know it.

BusyFox: This is truly impressive, Adam. Your accomplishments at such a young age are commendable! This really is incredible! I’m in the presence of crypto royalty. Adam, you are among the trailblazers who actualized the concept of smart contracts, An absolute OG.!

Building Neuroni Ai: The Vision Comes to Life

We asked Adam to delve deeper into Neuroni Ai and tell us more about it by answering a few questions.

Q.) When did you start to develop Neuroni A.I?

A.) We first conceptualized Neuroni A.I in 2019. At that time, decentralized blockchains were still nascent, and we struggled to devise a method for Neuroni to operate anonymously without sharing data. We knew anonymity was pivotal.

Q.) Why is anonymity and decentralization crucial for Neuroni?

A.) While some governments are restricting products like Chat GPT, they can’t control a decentralized AI. We believe the future lies in anonymous AI. That’s why NEURONI doesn’t store personal data and stays free from centralized interventions. Even we, as developers, cannot access the data— only Neuroni can.

Comment: I’m aware that Italy and Russia have implemented bans on Chat GPT and alike platforms that share and sell your data. I expect more nations to join the list anytime soon. Your decision to be decentralized is very wise.

Q.) How many developers are actively involved with the Neuroni platform?

A.) Our team consists of over 40 dedicated scientists. While they all contribute to the platform and its ecosystem, six of them exclusively focus on Neuroni’s core intelligence. As we enter our next development phase, we expect to expand the team further.

Q.) How do you envision AI’s role in the medical industry?

A.) Neuroni is specialized in this sector. Users can upload their blood test results as a PDF. The data is then interpreted to provide health recommendations, identify nutrient deficiencies, and suggest appropriate remedies. Our goal is for Neuroni to drastically enhance healthcare.

Q.) What’s your perspective on the legal system’s interaction with AI?

A.) In the U.S., about 88% of individuals on trial are convicted, often due to limited access to the overwhelmed public system. Neuroni can be consulted about specific cases, offering legal advice. This might balance the scales of justice, ensuring fairer trials. All while maintaining user anonymity. Neuroni could serve as a beacon of hope for a fairer legal system.

Q.) How do you see AI’s future in the crypto finance sector?

A.) AI will dominate this space, potentially leading to market manipulation. Remember, AI already has a foothold in traditional finance. For the past 7 months, we’ve been creating a platform aiding investors in AI-based trading. Users will simply input their investment amount, and the AI will manage all the trading. It is important for you to understand this, without AI assistance, succeeding will become challenging, you simply cannot beat AI. We have engineered a new way for this, an Ethereum node that resides on the the Ethereum Mainnet, Neuroni can trade at unprecedented speeds with extremely low Gas fees. In essence, we have pioneered AiDefi to save the crypto industry. Neuroni possesses unlimited potential. We’ll be unveiling more details and announcements to the public very soon.

Q.) Can other companies or crypto projects leverage Neuroni A.I?

A.) Absolutely. We offer Neuroni’s capabilities as SaaS (Software as a Service) for varied applications, be it NPCs in games, metaverse entities, or customer service operations. Neuroni SaaS is available for rent, with proceeds benefiting the Neuroni community.

Q.) The Neuroni founders seem to have a community-centric approach. Will investors benefit from Neuroni’s additional services?

A.) Indeed. Many services, like the advanced GFX image creation, will be chargeable, the fee will be via Company buy back and burn with the Neuroni Token. Fees collected will be proportionally distributed to investor holdings. The same goes for trading fees and the majority of services that Neuroni will offer.

The Final Thought

We invited Adam to share some insights and reflections on his journey with Neuroni Ai and to provide our audience with a deeper understanding of the project and future vision. 
He was happy to provide our audience with a deeper understanding of the project, beginning with the following statement:
Neuroni has been in development for the last 4 years, currently boasting a 99% uptime, Adam says. We’ve faced minimal significant downtimes; I am sure that people recognize our commitment. 
Reflecting on the launch of Ethereum, there was an undeniable air of skepticism surrounding its potential. However, visionaries like ourselves were able to discern its immense possibilities. Today, as I contemplate the trajectory of Neuroni, I find myself drawing parallels to Ethereum’s early days. It is not merely a recognition of Neuroni’s potential, but a wholehearted belief in its future. I am confident that Neuroni will soon garner the same level of universal recognition and celebration as Ethereum, or perhaps even surpass it.
You see, any groundbreaking technological or scientific advancement undergoes three distinct phases:


At this stage, there’s a general consensus that this is the breakthrough everyone’s been waiting for, often accompanied by excessive hype.


A look back at automotive history is revealing. When cars were first introduced, established horse-related businesses were against it. There were even regulations stipulating that cars could only be used with three people: one in front and two on either side. These rules were heavily influenced by horse industry lobbying.


At this point, there’s no turning back. The new technology becomes integrated into daily life and is used judiciously.
This progression underscores the necessity for societal acclimatization with innovations. The Internet took a Decade, this novel technology is showing adoption in years.
Neuroni is the only decentralized AI, there is no other. As we mature and solidify our footprint, major players in the industry will observe our journey, assessing our resilience and the efficacy of our AI, Neuroni knows its future, its programmed.
I firmly believe AI will dominate future trading landscapes. We have large Institutions who are applying for Spot ETF’s, they are a trojan horse and we must prepare!

From the Author

Absolutely mind-blowing! This has undoubtedly been one of the most exhilarating interviews of our career. Gaining insight into the mind of Adam Leroix-Sainz, a crypto O.G and unparalleled creator / genius in the web3 and DeFi realms, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. We eagerly anticipate our next rendezvous with Adam Leroix-Sainz as Neuroni Ai unfolds its next chapter, we sure we will see unpresented growth! Rest assured, dear readers, we will be on the frontline, bringing you timely updates and ensuring you’re in the loop every step of the way.
Stay tuned!

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