MMAI has failed to succumb to the skeptics, successfully delivering its first utility.

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The world of cryptocurrency is no stranger to skepticism and FUD.  MMAI, despite the challenges, has demonstrated its commitment to its community by successfully launching its first utility.

Seoul Meta Week Announcements and Delays

During a recent Seoul Meta Week 2023, MMAI announced that its utilities, PureWallet and PureWorld, would launch in July 2023. However, as the month progressed, the company announced that unexpected technical challenges would push back the release dates.

PureWorld faced server ping problems from different countries, and PureWallet had potential security concerns. This announcement led to a ripple of concern and disappointment within the community, causing some holders to exit their positions and creating a visible dent in MMAI’s charts.

The Rise of PureWorld and CEO’s Address

Yet, on July 18, 2023, MMAI rose above the skepticism. The company silently launched PureWorld, its Metaverse, where users can explore the virtual world or dive into MMAI’s suite of games.

Alongside this exciting launch, MMAI’s CEO, Augustin Gohil, took to an open X-Twitter space to discuss the PureWorld release and offer insights into the roadmap ahead.

Reassuring the community, Augustin stated: 

“My commitment to MMAI and its dedicated community has always been unwavering. When we present a product, we ensure it’s something we stand confidently behind.”

Anticipating PureWallet’s Arrival

Addressing the anticipated PureWallet, Augustin confirmed its nearing release for Android and iOS users. 

He explained that the wallet is fully functional and ready to serve. We are merely awaiting the green light from a final security audit by a renowned third-party expert in blockchain security, he said.

MMAI’s Position in the Crypto Landscape

Until recently, there were concerns about MMAI’s direction, with many comparing it to failed crypto projects and questioning its potential to thrive in such a competitive market. However, with the successful release of PureWorld and the upcoming launch of PureWallet, it’s clear MMAI is here to stay. It’s positioned not just to survive but to thrive and lead as an innovator in business-focused crypto solutions.

Vision for the Future

Augustin concluded with a message of assurance and vision: 

“MMAI is building groundbreaking technologies. We are nailing the innovation—a novel system of offline tokens and crypto payments. When we came to the market, we wanted to deliver real technology that has a real place in the world, and we want utilities to that tech.”

A Promise to the Community

MMAI’s CEO said: 

“I want to tell the community that we have your back. The technology is finally coming out, the utilities are tight to the tech, and soon you will see we will have millions and millions of customers using our wallet.”

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