MMAI News and Development Update: Q1 2023 Progress Report


The team behind the MMAI project has recently shared some exciting updates regarding their PureWallet and NFT marketplace. 

According to the team, they have been working tirelessly on the PureWallet roadmap and are proud to announce that it is now set.

Pure Wallet Development Update

The Head developer TDr. Kim, Dr. Lee, and the entire team have spent much time working on the outline and roadmap that will make this wallet effective and efficient in cryptocurrency. 

As a quick reminder, the PureWallet comes with three functions. 

  • Web Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Offline Wallet

By the end of Q2 2023, the PureWallet will be able to do everything that a traditional hot wallet can do, including in-wallet swap, browser functions for uniswap, pancakeswap, as well as multiple wallets options. In addition, there will be a larger list of tokens that will be added to the cold storage. 

One major feature that the team is excited about is the ability to swap ETH for Bnb and vice versa, which they believe is a huge development and benefit to the users.

Purewallet iOS update

The team has run into some issues while testing the iOS PureWallet beta. It turns out that iOS doesn’t allow public beta testing, and TestFlight, the platform they’re using, expects applications to be finalized and ready for production when submitted. In simpler terms, the team can’t release the beta version to the public for testing.

However, they’ve come up with a solution. They plan to release the final version of the wallet first and then use TestFlight to get approval. This way, the team can still test the product without running into the limitations imposed by iOS.

Pure World Exclusive Properties NFT Update

In the upcoming weeks, The team should announce a release date for long-awaited virtual Properties that supposed to be distributed to Key to the City NFT Holders. The delay in distribution is caused due to final development and security check for the NFT market place where property owners will be able to rent their property or sell properties utility to retailers. 

MMAI NFT properties
PureWorld Virtual Properties

Regarding the NFT marketplace, the team has revealed that the marketplace is almost complete and that an update will be released soon regarding the launch date of the NFT reveal party. We presume the will be a live stream on the YouTube channel, where each key to the city holder can find out what property they received.

Remember: The property owners will be required to pay a gas fee for NFT minting.

In other news

Looking ahead, the MMAI team is planning to attend a few potential conventions in Seoul, South Korea, in June.

Metacon Convention: 

Metacon is a technology convention that covers a wide range of topics including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The event is organized by the blockchain company Metadium, which aims to create a decentralized identity ecosystem. Metacon provides a platform for experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and discuss the latest trends in the tech industry.

The Asia Conference on Blockchain Technologies: 

The Asia Conference on Blockchain Technologies is an annual conference that focuses on the latest developments and innovations in blockchain technology. The conference brings together experts, entrepreneurs, and academics from around the world to share their insights and experiences. The event covers a broad range of topics related to blockchain technology, including cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain applications in various industries.

The MMAI team is gearing up to introduce its innovative products, including PureWorld, PureWallet, and Pure Chain. They are also actively seeking out potential customers and partnering with top brand manufacturers to expand their reach and impact in the market. Stay tuned for exciting updates on their progress.

Registration submissions are due in April, and the team plans to keep everyone updated on their progress.

MMAI Will Deliver better communication

The MMAI team has apologized for their absence from streaming and Twitter spaces, explaining that it has been challenging to balance their work in the lab with content creation. However, they have announced that they will be returning to their normal streaming hours and getting back into the swing of things on Twitter spaces starting Friday, March 24th.

Finalising MMAI Progress

The MMAI team is excited about the progress they have made with the PureWallet and NFT marketplace, and they look forward to attending potential conventions in Seoul. They also appreciate the continued support of their followers and fans and thank them for their support of not only the team but also the MMAI project as a whole.


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