MMAI and NS LABs Target USA Market with New California Headquarters

MMAI New HQ Office

MMAI, a rapidly growing technology company in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and metaverse, is extending its existing partnership with NS LAB, the networked systems laboratory, a tech institution specializing in blockchain technologies research science and web3 development applications, to open a new headquarters in California.

The new headquarters will bring together some of the most innovative minds in MMA and NSLab to collaborate on cutting-edge research and development projects. MMAI and NSLab have entered into a next five-year close partnership agreement to work on developing blockchain technologies and web3 applications in the field of combat sports. Both companies are hoping to expand their business internationally and target new customers worldwide and in the USA market.

The new headquarters, located in California, will be owned by Cognitgo, a partner of both MMAI and NSLab, who will provide the space for future expansion. The partnership between the companies will involve transferring some staff from South Korea to the USA to work on joint projects, as well as inviting new developers to join the team at the new HQ.

According to the CEOs of both companies, the new headquarters will serve as a hub for research and development of new technologies in web3 and blockchain. The facility will feature cutting-edge equipment and high-performance computing resources, including advanced AI research tools, blockchain development technology, and secure servers both inside and outside the headquarters.

The partnership between MMAI, NSLabs, and Cognitgo is expected to lead to groundbreaking innovations in the field of web3. By combining web3 technology and blockchain technologies, the companies hope to create a new generation of MMA APIs connecting traditional Web2 with future Web3 innovations, as well as expand the existing MMAI gaming studio to the next level.

The new headquarters is expected to open later this year, with a grand opening event planned for the fall. While we hope the event will be open to the public via the MMAI Metaverse, we are certain that it will be available to watch via a YouTube live-stream party. The event will showcase demonstrations of the latest MMA and technology innovations developed by MMAI, NSLabs, and Cognitgo.