Trezor Security Breach Exposes Contact Information of 66,000 Users

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In a significant security incident, Trezor, a leading hardware cryptocurrency wallet provider, has disclosed a breach that has potentially compromised the contact information of approximately 66,000 users. The announcement, made on January 20, reveals that unauthorized access was identified on January 17, affecting users who had interacted with Trezor’s support team since December 2021.

While the breach is yet to be officially confirmed, Trezor believes it is essential to inform affected users of the potential exposure of their contact details, putting them at risk of phishing attacks. The company asserts that it has taken proactive measures by emailing all 66,000 affected users to notify them of the incident.

Disturbingly, at least 41 users reported receiving direct email messages from the attacker, requesting sensitive information related to their recovery seeds. Additionally, eight individuals who had created accounts on a third-party vendor’s trial discussion platform also fell victim to compromised contact details.

Phishing, a cybercrime tactic where attackers impersonate trusted entities to obtain sensitive information, is at the heart of this incident. Trezor emphasizes the importance of vigilance against phishing attempts, which can lead to the theft of critical data such as login credentials and credit card numbers.

Despite the breach, Trezor reassures users that no recovery seed phrases have been disclosed as a result of the incident. The company claims to have promptly alerted users who received suspicious emails within an hour of the occurrence.

Trezor, renowned for manufacturing cryptocurrency hardware wallets that offer cold storage for digital assets, has unfortunately faced multiple security incidents in the past. Earlier this year, the company warned users about a phishing attack attempting to steal investors’ funds by luring them to enter their wallet’s recovery phrase on a fake Trezor website. Another incident involved scammers selling fake Trezor hardware, gaining control over users’ private keys.

As Trezor addresses the aftermath of this security breach, users are urged to remain cautious and prioritize the security of their cryptocurrency assets.


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